When you’re faced with a speeding ticket, you aren’t limited to paying the ticket and going on your way. In fact, there are ways you can defend yourself against this violation so you may reduce or eliminate the penalties. While it’s generally a good idea to consult with a criminal defense lawyer about all possible action, here are a few basic tips that may help.

The Method of Determination

First and foremost, you may have a case depending on how the officer determined your speed. This is why it’s important to ask the officer about it during the traffic stop. If they captured your speed via a device, such as a laser or radar device, you may be able to challenge the officer’s training on it or its accuracy if it hasn’t been calibrated recently. Pacing is often one of the easiest methods to challenge due to a lack of proof.

Mistaken Identity

A lot of cars on the road look similar and it’s likely you aren’t the only one with your make and model in the same color. If you have a common car, it may be best to challenge the officer about mistaking your identity with another car on the road at the same time. Unless there is video footage of your violation, you might be able to reduce or eliminate the consequences due to a level of uncertainty in your stop.

Be Polite

One of the fastest ways to secure your penalties after getting a speeding ticket is to be rude and disrespectful to the officer. Instead, it’s best to be respectful throughout the process, from the second you are pulled over to your appearance in court. The less the officer remembers you, the better.

Was It Safe for Conditions?

In some areas, presumed speed law can improve your chances of challenging your ticket and reducing or eliminating any consequences. Under this legislation, as long as you can prove you were moving at a speed that is safe for road conditions and current traffic, you have a chance of fighting the ticket and getting leniency in your case.

Emergency Situations

While it’s always against the law to speed, there are situations where an emergency allows you an exception to the rule. However, it must be an emergency that would have a detrimental impact to your health or the health of someone else in the vehicle at the time. For instance, if you were driving a loved one to the hospital after an accident and you have proof of their medical emergency, you should be able to fight the ticket more easily.

Seek Legal Counsel

Sometimes it can be difficult to find ways to fight your ticket on your own. One of the best ways to make sure you clear your name of any speeding tickets is to work with an experienced and local criminal defense lawyer such as the Criminal Lawyer Peoria IL locals trust.

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