Trucking Accident Lawyer Denver CO

What are common causes of trucking accidents?

Truck accidents happen on a daily basis in the United States, as a trucking accident lawyer Denver CO trusts can attest. Colliding into a commercial truck can lead to severe injuries and fatalities. Here are some common causes of trucking accidents:

Driver Fatigue

Many truck drivers drive hundreds and even thousands of miles every week. This can take a toll on these drivers over time. They may become tired and can’t think straight while on the road, which can result in accidents. It’s important for truck drivers to know their limits and not get behind the wheel when they’re fatigued.

Distracted Driving

Because they spend such long hours on the road, truck drivers might try to do several things at once. While they are behind the wheel, they might send text messages or eat food, for example. Unfortunately, these distractions can cause truck drivers to lose focus and get into accidents. A trucking accident lawyer in Denver CO has likely represented clients who were hit by distracted drivers. To avoid collisions, truck drivers should focus their full attention on the road in front of them.


A trucking accident lawyer Denver CO respects may have also seen truck accidents caused by overloading. Commercial trucks might be big, but they can still only handle so much weight. If truck drivers overload their trucks with too much weight, it can put everyone on the road in danger. For example, it’s common for trucks to jackknife if they’re carrying too much weight.

Inadequate Training

Driving a commercial truck is a lot different than driving a regular vehicle. That’s why it is so important for truck drivers to receive adequate training before heading out on the road. Truck drivers who haven’t received the proper training might not know how to handle a commercial truck and put everyone on the road at risk.


A trucking accident lawyer Denver CO relies on may have also represented clients who were in truck accident caused by speeding. Many truck drivers are on strict timelines and might drive over the speed limit to get to their destinations on time. Speeding can lower their reaction times and increased the likelihood of accidents.

Drunk Driving

Unfortunately, drunk driving is another common cause of truck accidents, as a Denver trucking accident lawyer can confirm. If truck drivers have consumed too many alcoholic beverages, they may have impaired judgement and have trouble concentrating on the road.

Poor Truck Maintenance

Trucking companies are required to properly maintain their vehicles. If they don’t, a truck’s equipment can malfunction on the road and cause an accident. A trucking accident lawyer Denver CO depends on may have helped truck accident victims bring lawsuits against trucking companies that failed to properly maintain their vehicles.

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