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A motorcycle accident can be significantly different from a car accident. The injuries can be devastating, the other insurance company may try to lowball your settlement, or you may be accused of being at-fault. It can be challenging to heal and recover while managing the legal issues of your claim. Here are four reasons you should have a lawyer on your side.

Are You Able to Focus on Legal Issues While You’re Getting Healthy?  

If you have serious injuries after your accident, you may have multiple medical appointments each week to take care of yourself. You need to focus on your health, not an insurance claim. Instead of worrying about your claim, you can let the lawyer do the heavy lifting. Your lawyer can relieve your stress of fighting against the insurance company so your well-being can come first.

How Much Experience With Personal Injury Claims Do You Have?

A personal injury case is complex. You need to know the law. You need to find experts who can testify on your behalf. You need to gather evidence. In addition, you need to be objective and able to manage deadlines to make sure your rights are protected. A lawyer has experience and education to help you through the process.

Do You Know How Much Your Claim Is Worth?

Your motorcycle accident impacts you economically in medical bills, lost wages and property damage. You may have pain and suffering or loss of your normal life that you can be compensated for, but measuring those items can be much more difficult. A lawyer can help you maximize your claim against the insurance company so you don’t leave money on the table. Once you settle your claim, you can’t go back for more.

Can You Successfully Negotiate With the Insurance Company?

In the best of circumstances, dealing with the opposing insurance company can be stressful. If you’re injured, you may not have the time or energy to successfully negotiate with the claims adjusters and lawyers who do not want to pay. Your lawyer has the experience and is emotionally removed from your situation to have the grit to negotiate with power.

As our personal injury lawyer associates from Daniel E. Stuart, P.C. would agree with, you must put your health and finances first after an accident to reduce chronic conditions from developing and experiencing significant financial loss.