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What If the Other Driver Doesn’t Have Insurance?

       While we expect all other drivers to carry insurance, an auto accident lawyer Denver CO trusts can attest it doesn’t always happen. If you get into an accident and the other party does not have insurance, what do you do? It’s important not to panic and follow the proper steps. If you get angry and yell at the other driver, it can just escalate the situation.

        The first thing you should do is obtain as much information from the other driver as possible, such as their name and address. You may also want to get his or her license plate number. Be sure to call the police to report the accident when everyone is still at the scene. The police may be able to verify if the other driver is actually uninsured. You also need to have a police report to make a claim on your insurance.  You’ll then want to contact an auto accident lawyer Denver CO residents count on to review your options.

        If the other driver truly is not carrying any insurance, you have to look at your own policy. If you carry uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, the policy may cover at least some of the damages that should have been covered by the other driver.

        Contact a Denver auto accident lawyer to see if it is possible to file a lawsuit against the other driver if he or she doesn’t have insurance. However, if you live in a no-fault state, you might not have the option to sue the driver, unless you have severe injuries. If you live in a state that does not have no-fault provisions, you are allowed to file a lawsuit, and should contact an auto accident lawyer Denver CO respects, but that doesn’t mean you will recover any money. People who drive without insurance usually don’t own that many assets and can’t afford to pay you for the damages.

        Although it is a law in most states to carry auto insurance, not all drivers do for various different reasons. If you get into an accident with a driver without insurance, you may not have too many options. Contact an auto accident lawyer Denver CO depends on to review them.  Even if you file a lawsuit against the driver, he or she might not have the money to pay you for the damages. That is why it is in your best interest to carry uninsured or underinsured liability coverage. This insurance will make your overall premiums more expensive, but it will pay off in the end. If you get into an accident with an uninsured motorist, you know that you have coverage for your damages. This can give you a peace of mind.

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