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Bicycle Accident Lawyer Denver, CO

A Personal Injury Lawyer for Bicycle AccidentsBicycle Accident Lawyer Denver, CO

In Denver, CO a bicycle accident lawyer from Richard J. Banta, P.C. can assist victims who are suffering the consequences of an accident. Bicycle accidents carry a great risk for causing serious, if not fatal, injuries. Distracted drivers of cars or trucks may not see the cyclist, which may result in an accident that will change the riders’ lives forever. The lawyers at the Law Office of Richard J Banta, P.C. have been representing cyclists and their families for years. For an immediate consultation with a bicycle accident lawyer in Denver, Colorado, please call us now.

At the Law Office of Richard J Banta, P.C., We Demand Justice.

Our personal injury lawyers understand how devastating an accident may be. Not only may the rider suffer from extensive physical injury, but their family could feel overwhelming amounts of emotions ranging from anger, sadness, and confusion. Life might not ever be the same. While our Denver bicycle accident lawyer cannot change what has already happened, we may be able to help make the recovery process more comfortable.

From the moment you begin working with us, we can explain to you the legal process and what you can expect. You can feel peace of mind in knowing that we will investigate all facts and circumstances of the cases to ensure we pursue any, and all at-fault parties. Although most of our cases result in a settlement, some do not. If this happens, we will be ready to go to trial – with the confidence needed to win a verdict you are happy with.

We Are a Personal Injury Lawyer Bike Riders Trust. We Are the Law Office of Richard J Banta, P.C.

We may tell you during a consult that regardless of how experienced you may be in riding a bicycle, there is an inherent risk of using these 2-wheeled vehicles. Any one driver who is preoccupied, impaired, inexperienced, or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time can cause you to crash. This goes without mentioning potholes, garbage, debris, road defects, and other dangerous hazards that could abruptly cause you to crash your bike. Unlike a car, bicycles do not have any protection; this leaves the body to be vulnerable and prone to catastrophic injuries.

Whether or not you were wearing a helmet, you may sustain brain injuries, spinal injuries, crushed and broken bones, internal bleeding, and more. We can stand by you during this difficult period in your life. We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to these types of cases which is why we devote our undivided attention to each and every case. You won’t be another number, and your case will not be handled by someone who does not have experience with injury claims. This strategy helps us to build the strongest case possible in order to recover full and fair compensation.

Even If the Following Apply to Your Situation, Call A Denver, CO Bike Accident Lawyer:

  • You think you are partially to blame
  • You don’t know who is at fault
  • The negligent party is under or uninsured
  • You have not filed a police report
  • You don’t have any photos of the scene

The above factors are common, and some people will think they should not call a lawyer. This is not advisable. Regardless of what you think or have been told about your particular case, you should talk with a lawyer immediately. Bicycle accident cases can be complicated, but with the right CO bicycle accident lawyer, you can recover the damages you need, and deserve.

Why How You Handle a Bike Accident is So Important

If you are a bicyclist and have found yourself hit by a car, it is in your best interest to talk with the Law Office of Richard J. Banta, P.C. Whether or not you obtain a Colorado bicycle accident lawyer, and how you handle the accident in the moments after can make all the difference. We can help you get the compensation you are in need of. Bicycle accidents often lead to serious injuries that require more than what the standard first aid kit can provide. Being in a bike accident with a vehicle can be terrifying. If you are the bicyclist, it is important that you try to keep your wits about you and take the following steps after the accident:

Wait for Police to Arrive

Always call the police and then wait for the responding officer to arrive. A medical team is also likely to come and help, to provide medical assistance for those who were injured. In most cases seen by our lawyers, it is the bicyclist who sustained the most painful and extensive injuries. The medical team is likely to administer treatment to the rider first. Be sure to tell them about any aches, pains, or other symptoms you are experiencing. 

Ensure Your Story Gets Added to the Report

The officer will probably take a report of the accident. This is your chance to get your story into an official record. When talking with the officer, stick to facts about what happened and try to keep emotions or blame out of it. Your bicycle accident lawyer in Colorado from the Law Office of Richard J. Banta, P.C. may suggest picking up a copy of the report at your local law enforcement office afterwards to serve as evidence in your case.

Exchange Information with the Driver

If you are able to gather the driver’s information at the scene, it is advised that you do so, such as:

  • Name
  • Contact Information
  • Address
  • Insurance Company Name
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Vehicle Make/Model/Year/Color
  • License Plate Number

These details will be helpful to your bicycle accident lawyer from Denver as they work towards seeking financial restitution for your injuries, losses, and damages. 

See a Doctor and Request Copies of Medical Documents

Even minor injuries must get medical attention. When pursuing compensation, the fact that you obtained medical care can serve as evidence that you sustained serious injuries. Medical records from your doctor can also be influential proof, as it will describe the type and extent of your physical injuries after the accident. We recommend getting copies of these documents to assist us in determining the value of your case.

Gather Evidence and Meet with the Law Office of Richard J Banta, P.C.

In preparation for taking legal action against the driver who hit you, it is of the utmost importance that you gather as much evidence as you can for the accident. Elements of proof could be things like photographs, video recordings, doctor evaluations, and witness statements.

Types of Damages

One of the most common questions that people who are preparing to file a personal injury lawsuit for a bike accident is about damages. The average person never expects to be in this position, and as a result most people do not know what kinds of damages are involved in a case like this. Remember, you should always speak with a 

A bicycle accident lawyer in Denver, CO to learn the answers to all your questions. This guide, however, will go over the basics of damages and what you are entitled to recover:

Special Compensatory Damages

The first type of damage is the simplest, despite its name. Special compensatory damages are damages that result in a financial loss. To be included in this category, the damages need to have an objective monetary value. For example, if you are able to say that you lost exactly $1,000 as a result of the injury, then it is special compensatory damages. Examples of damages in this category include:

  • Medical bills
  • Missed paychecks
  • Medicine or equipment purchases
  • Damage to property
  • Loss of earning ability

General Compensatory Damages

General compensatory damages are essentially the opposite of special compensatory damages. They account for all suffering that was not financial in nature. When claiming these kinds of damages, it will be up to the judge to decide the value of them. This is the amount that the defendant will have to compensate you for your suffering. Examples of general compensatory damages include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of ability
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Disfigurement

Punitive Damages

While general and special compensatory damages are two sides of the same coin, punitive damages are completely different. Most damages are a type of compensation in order to bring the plaintiff back to the financial state he or she was in prior to the injury. Punitive damages, on the other hand, are assigned strictly to punish the defendant. These are assigned by judges when they do not believe that general and special compensatory damages are enough punishment for the wrongdoings. Punitive damages are relatively rare in personal injury lawsuits. As your 

Denver Bicycle Accident lawyer in CO from Richard J. Banta, P.C. may inform you, they are only assigned when the defendant’s actions were either especially irresponsible or malicious.

If you are a bicyclist who has recently been struck by a car driver, please do not wait to see how things unfold afterwards. Contact our law firm for a consultation today before the situation gets worse. We will work to protect you, in addition to fighting for a fair amount in monetary justice. For a consultation with a CO bicycle accident lawyer in Denver, call the Law Office of Richard J Banta, P.C.


For lots of people in the Denver area, bikes are the transportation of choice. Bicycle riders are often forced to take roads with larger and more powerful automobiles. The simple act of riding beside vehicles can be frightening for those on a bike, and with excellent factors. Bike accidents are dangerous and far too common. While they can happen in many methods, a few kinds of bike mishap are more commonly seen in the Denver area. For a consultation with a CO bicycle accident lawyer in Denver, call the Law Office of Richard J Banta, P.C.

These accidents can happen when:


This kind of mishap is usually the most significant danger to bicyclists. Often, motorists driving behind a bicyclist get irritated at the biker’s sluggish speed and attempt to pass them. The driver might think they have adequate room to pass the cyclist, however wind up hitting them or hitting them from behind. If this takes place, the cyclist could be knocked off balance, knocked off the bike, or in the worst case, run-over. Any of these effects could lead to major injury for the bicyclist. To reduce the chance of this happening, cyclists must use reflective gear or have a reflector on their bike; however, it is constantly the responsibility of the driver to consider the cyclist. If you are struck as a cyclist, the driver of the automobile is responsible for your injuries.


This takes place when a vehicle driver is approaching an ideal turn and a bicyclist is riding to the right of them or when a chauffeur is crossing to make a left turn while a bike is riding in the opposite direction. The chauffeur attempts to skip down in front of the bike, either believing that they are far enough ahead of the cyclist or since they do not see them. The accident takes place due to the fact that the bike might not have sufficient time to stop before knocking into the side of the vehicle, the automobile strikes the side of the cyclist, or the bicyclist is forced to swerve out of their lane into oncoming traffic. Any of these situations might result in major injury for the cyclist. Chauffeurs ought to constantly watch for cyclists and be patient in making turns after bikes pass. With that being stated, bicyclists can minimize or prevent future accidents by watching out for cars trying to make right turns and doing their best to make certain that they show up to passing automobiles. For a consultation with a CO bicycle accident lawyer in Denver, call the Law Office of Richard J Banta, P.C.




This can take place when an automobile takes out from a side street, car park, or driveway to the bicyclist’s right. An accident might take place if the chauffeur tries to take out while the bike is passing, and thus strikes the side of the bicyclist. It might likewise happen if the car pulls out in front of the bike, triggering the bicyclist to swerve into traffic or slam into the side of the car. Like with the other mishaps, any of these results might trigger major injury for the bicyclist.

Besides helmets, and perhaps some cushioning, bicyclists are used as little defense against automobiles. When mishaps happen, the life and well-being of bicyclists are often put in a much greater danger than those in a lorry. That is why drivers hold the duty of keeping an eye out for cyclists on the road. If chauffeurs overlook this responsibility and you as a cyclist are injured in a mishap, you may have the best to pay for your injuries and must contact an accident attorney instantly. The Bicycle accident lawyers in Denver, Colorado at the Law Office of Richard J Banta, P.C., know your rights as a cyclist and are prepared to eliminate your compensation. To discuss the information of your case, contact our workplace today.