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Most speeding tickets are straightforward and many drivers get them paid without any issues. Sometimes the ticket is a mistake, however, and the driver will fight it in court. While it doesn’t always work out for everyone, it can be the best situation for many drivers. The following are some things you should know about fighting or paying your ticket.

  1. It’s Going to Cost You

If you pay the speeding ticket, it’s obviously going to cost you however much the ticket is for. If you fight the ticket, it’s still going to cost you lawyer fees and sometimes court costs. Lawyer fees often begin around $150 and go up from there. You have to decide whether it’s worth the price of fighting the ticket, or if paying it would be your better option.

  1. You Don’t Have to Appear in Court

If you choose to pay the ticket directly to the county clerk’s office, you won’t have to go to court. You can simply pay it and get it over with. This does mean you plead guilty, which can lead to consequences such as license suspension and insurance rate hikes, but those might be some things you’re willing to deal with to avoid court.

  1. There’s a Chance a Mistake Was Made

Not every speeding ticket is accurate. Sometimes mistakes are made, either by the officer who gave the ticket, or by his or her speeding radar. There’s a chance the radar was actually reading another vehicle or wasn’t working properly. Maybe the officer made a serious mistake on the actual ticket. When mistakes are made, you can sometimes get your ticket dismissed.

  1. You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Ticket

Some things in life will go away if you ignore them, but that’s not the case for a speeding ticket. If you ignore it completely, your driving privileges will probably be revoked. The court will notify the DMV that you did not appear in court, which is when your privileges will be suspended.

An Attorney Can Help

If you plan to fight your ticket, an attorney could become your best friend. When you hire an attorney, you can avoid having to go to court personally. As long as your lawyer represents you in court, you can sit back and relax at home. Some lawyers refund the attorney fee if your ruling doesn’t go in your favor and you are unsatisfied. To learn more, contact a lawyer, like a traffic defense lawyer from May Law, LLP, today.