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Criminal Defense Lawyer Denver CO

Criminal Defense Lawyer Denver Colorado

While common knowledge dictates that you should never represent yourself in a criminal case, self-representation is allowed under the law. It is ideal to have representation in legal matters because most of us do not have the education or experience necessary to provide adequate representation. Also, even when you possess the legal know-how, having outside counsel may offer a different and favorable perspective for your defense. That being said, if you feel you do not need a lawyer, you should at least discuss your case and your plans with a criminal defense lawyer in Denver, Colorado because your situation may not be as cut-and-dried as you think.

Can a Court Force You to Hire a Denver CO Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Yes, and no. If you argue against legal counsel, the court may request a psychological evaluation to prove that you are capable of such a decision. Also, a court may require that an actual Denver CO criminal defense lawyer works with you to ensure that you understand the rules of the courtroom and procedure.

However, if you are competent to stand trial and understand the consequences of representing yourself, a judge cannot force you to hire a Criminal lawyer Denver CO offers. Although, know that representing yourself is not cause for an appeal or a mistrial.

Possible Times to Avoid Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

While it is always advisable that you hire a lawyer for criminal proceedings, sometimes hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Denver CO is not completely necessary. For instance, if you plan on pleading guilty to a misdemeanor with a mandatory minimum sentence, then an attorney may not help you. Also, some defendants feel that crimes with minor sentences are not worth the expense of an attorney.

When You Should Always Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Again, criminal cases, whether misdemeanor or felony, can benefit from the experience of an attorney. However, unlike misdemeanors that carry minimum sentences (although if found guilty you could be facing up to 12 months in jail), felony charges are high-risk, especially violent offenses. Therefore, if you are arrested and charged with a felony, always seek legal representation. While costs are something to consider, there are legal aid firms that assist the underprivileged and other attorneys may work pro bono.

While you may have several motivations leading you to debate the necessity of a Denver CO criminal defense lawyer, understand that criminal cases can be complex. Sure, a misdemeanor charge may have a small sentence, and this is possibly your first offense, but trials are unpredictable, and your charges may be more serious than you realize. Therefore, before deciding, contact a criminal defense lawyer Denver CO clients recommend from the Law Office of Richard J Banta, P.C. and discuss the specifics of your case. Let us guide you to the right decision for you and your trial.