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Being involved in a legal matter that requires the expertise of an attorney can be stressful for anyone. It can be difficult to find a lawyer you trust, and if you feel that your lawyer has betrayed your trust in the middle of your case, you can change lawyers. This decision should not be made lightly but is sometimes necessary. Consider terminating your relationship with your lawyer and hiring a new one if you find yourself in any of these situations: 

  • He or she is no longer accessible
  • He or she is not keeping information confidential 
  • He or she is not moving your case forward

Your Lawyer Is No Longer Accessible
Communication is essential with your legal representation, and if you are no longer able to contact them, this should raise a flag of concern. While you should not abuse your right of communicating with your lawyer (for example, calling multiple times a day for unimportant updates), you should be able to contact him or her with legitimate updates and concerns. If you feel that your representation is not accessible to you, you may want to consider looking for a new team.

Your Lawyer Is Not Keeping Information Confidential
Breaking client-lawyer confidentiality is unacceptable, and you should immediately search for more trustworthy and reliable representation. While he or she may not have meant any harm, it is only reasonable for you to expect that your case will remain private. You have the right to limit information to others about your case, and when your attorney breaks this confidence, it is not easy, if not impossible, to recover.

Your Lawyer Is Not Moving Your Case Forward
Legal proceedings are a notoriously slow process, but if you feel that your attorney is unnecessarily delaying matters, it may be time to search for new representation. Keep in mind that it may not be a personal matter; he or she may have simply taken on too many cases at one time. Whatever the situation, if you feel that your case is delayed and not progressing, you have the right to choose a new lawyer.

Choosing a lawyer to represent your criminal justice case can be difficult, but you should not have to settle for someone whom you do not trust or feel is not taking your case seriously. If you have concerns about your lawyer’s intentions, consider speaking directly to him or her about your concerns. If this does not prompt a change in action, perhaps it is time to explore other sources of legal representation. Contact a trusted attorney, like a criminal defense attorney in Fairfax, VA from May Law, LLP, for more information today.