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Cerebral Palsy Lawyer Denver, CO

If your child developed cerebral palsy because of negligence, you should get in touch with a cerebral palsy lawyer Denver, CO residents trust. You and your family may be entitled to compensation. A lawyer can help you pursue a lawsuit and ensure your rights are protected.

What Is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a condition that affects the brain’s ability to control the muscles. In many cases, this condition occurs as a result of a delivery room error. Although it is not life-threatening, cerebral palsy can make a person’s life much more difficult.

Your child may not display signs of cerebral palsy until several months after birth. You may notice that your child has stiff muscles, lack of balance, delays in speech development, difficulty walking, problems swallowing and learning difficulties.

What Treatments Are Available?

Unfortunately, there’s no cure for cerebral palsy. However, different treatments can make the symptoms more manageable. Here are several treatment options you might consider:

  • Medication: Medications can help relieve the muscle tightness associated with cerebral palsy. For example, your doctor may suggest oral muscle relaxants, like diazepam and dantrolene.
  • Speech Therapy: Since cerebral palsy can affect your child’s speech, speech therapy is often necessary. A therapist can teach your child how to communicate more clearly and use communication devices, like a voice synthesizer.
  • Occupational Therapy: During occupational therapy, your child will learn how to complete daily activities without someone else’s assistance. A therapist may provide your child with assistive devices, like walks or wheelchairs, to make these tasks easier.
  • Surgery: As a cerebral palsy lawyer in Denver, CO can confirm, some children with cerebral palsy may need surgery. Orthopedic surgery can lengthen muscles and tendons and correct deformities.

How Do You Pursue Compensation?

If your child’s cerebral palsy resulted because of a doctor’s negligence, you have the right to pursue a lawsuit. However, you should not do this on your own. These lawsuits include many complexities, so it is important to have someone knowledgeable and experienced on your side.

A birth injury lawyer in Denver, CO can help you gather evidence, speak to expert witnesses and negotiate with the insurance company. With a skilled lawyer on your side, you will have a better chance of obtaining fair compensation for your child’s birth injury.

Schedule a consultation with a cerebral palsy lawyer in Denver, CO today to discuss your case in further detail.