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Child Custody Lawyers

One of the most contentious issues in a divorce is child custody. Every parent wants what is best for their child, but they also want to be with their child every day just like they were before the divorce was filed. If you are going through a child custody battle, there are some mistakes that many parents make that you want to avoid in order to not hurt your chances of custody.

If you are going through a custody battle, contact a law firm to meet with child custody attorneys. They can discuss your situation and decide what your best legal options are. In the meantime, the following is a brief overview of how custody laws work.  

Common Mistakes

Don’t talk to other people about your case: Although you may have days where you just want to confide issues with friends, this can end up backfiring in the future, especially these friends are part of a circle of friends you and your spouse socialized with. People gossip and what you confide to one friend can quickly be spread through the group right to your spouse.

Don’t let your emotions rule your decisions: The goal of all child custody cases is to decide what the best interest of the child is. It is important to stay focused on that, no matter what the relationship is with your spouse. You may find well-meaning family and friends urge you to try to get sole custody of your child, however, having equal time with both parents may be what is best for your child.

Don’t use your child to get back at your spouse: It is common for parents to use their child as a messenger to the other parent or to pump the child for information about what the parent is doing. It is wrong for many reasons – both emotionally and legally – to put your child in the middle of your divorce and could end up damaging your relationship with your child in the long run, as well as make the court angry.

Don’t post anything about your case on social media: Too many people use their social media accounts to vent about their spouse, the court, the case, etc. They do this to seek sympathy and comfort from their online friends, but anything you post on social media can be used against you in the case.

Contact a Custody Attorney Today

If you are going through a divorce or dealing with a custody or visitation conflict, a lawyer can understand just how stressful this can be. Having knowledgeable and experienced child custody lawyers in Rockville, MD can make all the difference in the legal results. Call a law office today to set up a free and confidential consultation with a lawyer and find out how they can help you get the best possible outcome available.

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