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Crosswalk Accident Lawyer Denver Colorado

Crosswalk Accident Lawyer Denver Colorado

Crosswalk Accident Lawyer Denver Colorado

Crosswalks were designed to keep pedestrians safe from vehicles. Unfortunately, however, pedestrians can still suffer injuries at crosswalks if motorists are negligent. Crosswalk accidents can occur while pedestrians are stepping off curbs, getting out of taxis, walking through parking lots and jogging down the road. If you were recently injured in a crosswalk accident, you should consult a crosswalk accident lawyer in Denver Colorado, like Richad J. Banta, P.C.

Here are some of the most common causes of crosswalk accidents.

Distracted Driving

From texting to eating, there are many distractions drivers face. As a result, they can lose focus and disregard pedestrian crosswalks. As a crosswalk accident lawyer in Denver Colorado can attest, a large majority of pedestrian accidents are caused by distracted drivers. To minimize the risk of getting hit, always make eye contact with the driver of an approaching vehicle before you cross the sidewalk.

Road Without Crosswalks

Unfortunately, not all roads have crosswalks where they should. Therefore, pedestrians face a greater danger. Pedestrians who get hit by a vehicle when crossing a road without a sidewalk may still be eligible for compensation. As a pedestrian accident lawyer Denver CO residents trust can confirm, drivers still have to use reasonable care to avoid hitting pedestrians.

Drunk Driving

Despite the warnings against drunk driving, some drivers still choose to get behind the wheel intoxicated. They not only put other drivers in danger, but also pedestrians crossing the street. Drunk drivers have impaired judgment and are more likely to speed down the road and not see pedestrians.


Many pedestrian accident cases a crosswalk accident lawyer in Denver Colorado handles involve speeding. Drivers who are speeding are more likely to hit pedestrians who are crossing the street. These pedestrians are more likely to suffer severe injuries because of the force of the impact.

Backing Up Accidents

Some pedestrian accidents occur at people’s homes when they back up their cars over a person they can’t see. This can also happen in parking lots, especially when there is a lot of traffic. It’s important for pedestrians to exercise extra caution when passing vehicles that are backing up.

Failing to Stop or Yield

Motorists are expected to stop or yield for pedestrians. When they roll through a stop sign or fail to yield for a pedestrian who has the right of way, accidents can occur.

Bad Weather Conditions

A crosswalk accident lawyer in Denver Colorado has also dealt with many pedestrian accidents caused by bad weather. When drivers don’t slow down their vehicles in rain, snow or other bad weather conditions, they might not see a pedestrian crossing the road and hit them.

If you were injured in a pedestrian accident, you should speak to a crosswalk accident lawyer in Denver Colorado soon. You may be entitled to compensation. Your lawyer can help you file a timely claim and protect your legal rights.