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Criminal Defense Lawyer

There are serious legal consequences attached to white collar crimes such as identity theft, if and when an individual is convicted. It is important to understand the legalities of such a charge if you are facing it, and even if you are not. It is best to recognize your options in building a strong defense to protect yourself in these types of cases.

To several, white collar crimes are not a big deal. But much like violent crimes, the penalties can be life changing. Law enforcement and the prosecution may be very intimidating, but do not believe that your only option is to enter a guilty plea or be convicted. Any type of criminal charge is able to be defended. And with a better understanding of the charges and its consequences, you can develop your tactic. The sooner you start building your defense, the better your chances of protecting your desire.

What is considered identity theft?

Identity theft is a federal crime and several agencies step in to investigate these types of crimes. Theoretically, any type of fraud is considered to be identity theft. Taking, stealing, using information that is not your own for any form of advantage be it financial, legal, or otherwise. When an individual retrieves the personal information of another to open new accounts like credit cards, leases, or even something as simple as cable, this is identity theft. When someone has mail stolen or loses a wallet or anything with personal information attached to it, you are at risk of being a victim of identity theft. If you take this information and use it for your personal benefit, you are committing identity fraud and there are consequences. With the internet being an ever-growing source of information, personal information is easily accessible.

Just because the investigations on identity theft cases take a while does not mean you should take a while to seek an attorney. It is best to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney Atlanta, GA trusts that has knowledge of white-collar crimes such as identity theft. Do not wait until charges are formally filed against you. If you have any reason to believe you may be under investigation for identity theft, hiring an attorney as soon as possible will allow you the time necessary to build your defense. White collar crimes may seem minute, but they have the ability to cause you great turmoil in your life, but you are allowed to defend yourself, and to prove your innocence. Your rights and future are protected by seeking a knowledgeable attorney.



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