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There are now even more potentially dangerous hand sanitizer products on the market that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning the public about (https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2020/08/01/hand-sanitizer-warning-methanol-risk-fda-avoid-these-sanitizers/5562366002/), according to USA Today.

There are now 101 types of hand sanitizer products on the FDA’s “Do Not Use” list. Some of these products have already been formally recalled, while others are being recommended for recalls. The concern is that some of these sanitizers have been found to contain methanol, an ingredient that can be fatal. Methanol, when ingested or absorbed through the skin, is a toxic substance.

According to the FDA’s latest announcement, the agency has found issues with some hand sanitizing products. The agency’s test results show that some brands have very low levels of isopropyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol, which is a problem because these are the typical active ingredients in sanitizers. Since these products are likely to not be potent enough to kill germs, the FDA is asking consumers to avoid using them. In addition, there are sanitizers on the list that may have methanol in them, and more of these methanol-contaminated products have now been added.

In a warning issued near the end of July, the FDA asked consumers to not use any hand sanitizer products made by the manufacturers on the “Do Not Use” list, even if their product or lot number is not listed. This is because some manufacturers are only recalling certain products even though there’s a risk that other products they make are also substandard or contaminated.

According to the agency, methanol is not listed on the hand sanitizer’s product label despite being in there. Regardless, the FDA has emphasized that methanol should not be in any hand sanitizer and is not acceptable even if it’s listed on the product labeling.

The FDA has taken steps to stop the entry of these dangerous hand sanitizer products into the U.S. by putting suspected brands and manufacturers on an import alert. Most of the dangerous products so far have been found to be manufactured in Mexico.

Consumers were first warned back in June about the methanol-containing hand sanitizers. At that time, only nine types were on the list, which has since grown to over 100. Methanol is used as an alternate fuel source, a solvent and a pesticide. Exposure to it can cause headaches, vomiting, nausea, blindness, blurred vision, coma, seizures, permanent nerve system damage and death.

According to the FDA, there has been an increase in the reported numbers of adverse events related to the use of methanol-containing hand sanitizers, including more reports of blindness, central nervous system effects, hospitalizations and death.

Since the start of the pandemic in February, hand sanitizer has been a very popular product nationwide. This has led to shortages of many major brand products, including Purell and private-label store brands, and this allowed for the entry of many new types into the market. Unfortunately, some manufacturers appear to have put profits over safety, flooding the market with potentially dangerous hand sanitizing products.

Dangerous products on the market can cause serious harm and even death. If you’ve been the victim of a dangerous product, meet with our personal injury lawyer in Denver, CO from The Law Office of Richard J. Banta, P.C.