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Trucking Accident Lawyer Denver, CO

Five people have been hurt after a tractor-trailer struck them near a construction site in Jones County, Georgia, according to The Telegraph.

All five victims of the chain-reaction crash caused by the tractor-trailer were rushed to a nearby hospital. Luckily, none of the injuries in this collision were life-threatening, and all five are expected to recover.

At around 11:00 am on Ga. 49 on Tuesday, October 30, the four vehicles of the victims were heading south when a Gilder Creek Farms truck went over the top of the hill behind them and headed toward the traffic, which had stopped because of construction work. The truck driver tried to stop his vehicle to avoid the accident but was unable to do so in time. The incident resulted in the closure of the highway for about an hour and a half afterward.

A local nursing student, Jourdan Eich, was sitting in her Nissan Altima and waiting for the construction worker to allow traffic to pass when the crash occurred. A Toyota pickup truck behind her took the brunt of it, flipping onto its side and landing by the entrance of the Mattie Wells Elementary School. The student thought the impact had caused the glass in her back windshield to shatter, but she discovered the culprit was a piece of lumber in her backseat, likely from the back of the pickup truck that had been hit behind her.

Eich said she heard the loud crash behind her and suddenly felt the impact. She actually saw the tractor-trailer going right past her and into a nearby ditch. Once Eich heard the couple screaming for help in the pickup, she went over to ask the driver questions to check his neurological status. Fortunately, he was able to answer despite the mild shock she believed he was in. Workers from a local business assisted the woman in the pickup truck.

The other victims involved in the crash were traveling in a Honda Accord and a Toyota Rav 4.

Robert Land, a sheriff’s deputy for Jones County, warned drivers to slow down whenever they are in construction zones following the wreck. Speeding can make it more difficult to stop and shortens reaction time, which can result in crashes like this one.

Speeding is a common factor in many of the accidents seen across the country. In 2016 alone, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding was a factor in just over one-fourth of all traffic deaths (https://www.nhtsa.gov/risky-driving/speeding). Drivers who are speeding endanger themselves and everyone else on the road around them, as speeding increases braking time and makes the impact of a crash more severe for all the vehicles involved. Many areas have lowered their speed limits to help combat this dangerous trend.

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