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Driving under the influence is a common and serious criminal offense. You may have a clean record with no prior charges, and a DWI charge can flip your life around. First time offenders may have serious consequences and for those who face charges more than once, the consequences may be even higher. Here is how a DWI conviction can impact your life.

DWI Affects Your Employment

One area that you might think less about when it comes to a DWI conviction is your employment. If you are charged with a DWI and convicted, it could affect your job. On one hand, the conviction will be on your background check. This could affect your ability to find new employment. In addition, DWI can affect your current job. When you are convicted, you could have court dates, community service hours and even jail time that you are responsible for. If this interferes with your work, you could lose your job.

DWI Affects Your License

One of the biggest concerns that drivers have when it comes to a DWI conviction is that their license may be revoked. When you can’t drive, it can affect all aspects of your life. If you use your car to transport yourself to and from work, it could negatively affect your professional life. The truth is that it can impact your license. Every state has different laws regarding what happens to your license. Some states have a mandatory license suspension of at least 190 days.

DWI Affects Your Insurance

When convicted of a DWI, you will probably witness elevated insurance rates. After a conviction, insurance companies perceive you as a high-risk driver. This label doesn’t just disappear either. Instead, it can follow you for several years. Some insurance companies may even decide to cancel your coverage entirely.

DWI Affects Your Education

If you are in school, DWIs can impact your education. If you are on financial aid or if you have scholarships, they could be affected by your DWI conviction. You could be cut off from your financial aid.

DWI convictions are serious. For those who are convicted with a DWI, they can lose their job, their license, and even their insurance. It can impact a number of areas of your life and it is important that you take it seriously. If you are facing DWI charges, a lawyer can help you before the consequences impact your life negatively. To discuss your case, contact an attorney, like a DWI attorney from The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., today.