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Personal Injury Lawyer

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of attorneys for your personal injury claim, the next logical step is to somehow choose just one. This is an important choice as your attorney will have a direct influence on your case’s outcome and your experiences throughout the case.

Many attorneys offer free consultations. This is a no-obligation meeting and a good way for you to decide which attorney you want to work with. To make the most of these appointments and ensure you’re making the best decision in your situation, here are some things to keep in mind.

Have all of your information with you

The attorney you’re meeting can’t give you their full and honest opinion of your case without being given all of the information. Since the discussion will focus on how your accident happened and what your injuries and medical treatments involve, all the documentation you need to bring will relate to those two areas.

What you need exactly will depend on your case, but it can involve the police report regarding your accident, any videos or photos you have, witness information, information about the party responsible for what happened, contact information for any insurance company involved, and all medical records related to your accident injuries and treatment.

Be prepared to explain what happened

You need to be ready to tell the attorney what happened to you in full detail. If you haven’t already, write down exactly what happened moment by moment and bring that with you. You may find, once you’re talking about what happened out loud, that you grow emotional or uncertain. It’s best to have it down in black and white with you so you don’t forget to tell the attorney any important details.

Make a list of all your injuries, doctors and treatments. Include the dates and locations of all medical services you received in connection with your injuries.

Be candid about everything. It’s possible you know something that could have a negative impact on your claim, but hiding it from the attorney will not do you any favors. If the attorney knows about it up front, they can give you an accurate picture of how your case will go.

Learn about the fee schedule

You need to know how our personal injury lawyer in Denver, CO from The Law Office of Richard J. Banta, P.C., will charge you for their services should you decide to work with them. There’s no point in selecting a certain attorney only to discover you’re not comfortable with how they plan to charge you.

Make sure you fully understand exactly how the attorney bills. If you have any questions, ask them. It’s very important you leave the consultation knowing how you will be charged if you go with that attorney.

Ultimately, your initial consultation with an attorney is your chance to interview them, too. If you’re not comfortable with the attorney in any way, remove them from your consideration pool. Keep in mind that consultations are meant for you and the attorney to feel the partnership out, so you should never feel pressured to sign an agreement with an attorney at one of these meetings.