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Bicycle Accident Lawyer Denver, CO

Anyone who was riding a bike and hit by a car, may be entitled to compensation through filing a civil lawsuit. The injuries associated with being struck by a vehicle can be painful, have long-term impacts, and expensive too. If a bicyclist is lucky enough, he or she may be able to walk away without any critical injuries. However, the vast majority who are involved in such an accident, are likely to endure severe injuries that require medical intervention. An attorney can help you sue the driver who hit you, while you were innocently going about your day on two wheels.

Seeking Compensation for the Accident

If the car driver was responsible for the accident, the bicyclist may decide to sue him or her for compensation. The bicyclist may be awarded financial restitution for things like hospitalization bills, ambulance ride, diagnostics, treatments, medications, loss of pay from missing work, bicycle repairs, and more. The average person may not even realize he or she can take legal action for what happened. Sometimes, people assume that insurance is the only way to go about handling such an incident. Depending on how the accident unfolded, we can give you legal advice on how to proceed.

What Your Case May Be Worth

Perhaps the best way to find out what your lawsuit may be worth, is to meet with an attorney as soon as you can. Information to bring with you include documents like medical care receipts, doctor’s exams, bike repair estimates, loss of wage statements, photographs, and witness statements. The more details you have about bicycle accident, the more thoroughly we can advise you on a course of action.

Hiring an Attorney

A bicyclist who suffered because of the accident, may want to hire an attorney to represent his or her case. While it isn’t necessarily mandatory that you get legal guidance, it can surely help you get the money you need to get back onto your feet. Be forewarned, that if you filed a claim with your insurance company about the bicycle accident, you may receive calls from agencies that are out to deny your claim. Having an attorney to offer insight along the way, means you have someone to protect you from misleading agencies who do not have your best of interest in mind.

Please know that you do not have to accept what has happened to you. The amount of financial debt you may accumulate from the accident may be difficult to overcome without receiving an award in a lawsuit. It can be especially devastating to have endured such a situation, when you were innocent and don’t deserve to suffer the repercussions of another’s unsafe driving. Contact a bicycle accident lawyer Denver, CO offers at Richard J. Banta, P.C. today who can help you seek justice for the bicycle accident.