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How a Lawyer Can Help with the Insurance Claim Process After A Car Accidents

If you suffered significant property damage or were seriously injured in an accident caused by someone else, you might be wondering how an attorney can assist you with the claim process. You may also wonder if it’s a good idea to hire an attorney or file the claim on your own instead. While much depends on the complexity and the specifics of your case, a personal injury attorney can help you safeguard your rights.

Obtaining the Necessary Evidence of Liability

When you’re involved in a car accident, a good attorney can help get the evidence that you will need to prove liability during the claim process. Though you may have photographs that were taken at the accident scene, a skilled personal injury lawyer DC relies on will look at many aspects of the case to prove that the other driver is liable for your damages.

  • He or she may go back to the crash scene to collect critical details that may help your claim.
  • They will need a copy of the police report of the accident.
  • They will work closely with witnesses and possibly the investigating police officer for their testimony as to what happened.

Communicating with the Other Driver’s Insurer

In a personal injury claim, attorneys usually contact the insurance adjuster for the liable party. They may or may not be helpful, and can be difficult to work with as their intention may be to absolve their client of any wrongdoing. It’s the victim’s attorney’s responsibility to make every effort to protect their client’s rights and get them maximum compensation for their accident losses. If the victim does not have a personal injury attorney, they will have to do this on their own.

Obtaining the Necessary Evidence of Damage

This is an area where an experienced lawyer can be of great help, particularly if you’ve sustained serious injuries due to the auto accident. It is imperative to get all medical documentation relating to your injuries, but it’s sometimes hard to acquire all the bills and records from the hospital.

Doctors may not have the time or enough staff to respond in a timely manner to your request for medical records. Some hospitals may have specific and time-consuming procedures that must be followed before they can release medical record requests. If these procedures are not followed, they won’t respond to your demand.

A lawyer working on your case may be able to speed up this process by contacting your healthcare provider. They may also be able to help ensure that the records correctly reflect the extent of your injury, physical limitation, or disability.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are not sure if you need a lawyer to help you with the claims process or to file a lawsuit, contact a personal injury lawyer to request a free consultation. This will be a brief, but confidential and no obligation case review that can help you decide if a personal injury lawyer will be helpful.

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