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Life Events That Mean You Should Call a Lawyer

Life is unpredictable, and we may find ourselves in situations that we never would have imagined were possible. Life can bring great highs and equivalent lows. Depending on the situation, it may be worth speaking with a lawyer who is familiar with handling family law cases. Here are examples of life events that mean you should probably call a lawyer for guidance:


Rarely does anyone enter a marriage expecting to get divorce. Most people put their best faith into marriage and hope the relationship lasts. So when a marriage doesn’t work out as planned, divorce may ultimately be the next step. A lawyer is someone who can get to know their client, advocate on their behalf, and offer representation in court as the divorce proceeds.


The purpose of alimony is to support the less-earning spouse as he or she prepares for a life on a single income. Adjusting from dual incomes to one can be too drastic and quick of a change for most people to handle. Alimony is awarded based on several factors, such as earnings for both spouses, how long the marriage lasted, and the kind of lifestyle they were accustomed to living while together.

Child Custody

Parents may fight over custody of their children amidst a divorce proceeding. As you can imagine, child custody is often a highly contested and emotional dispute for all parties involved. A lawyer can be someone to help with negotiations, mediation, or intervening if the other parent has become uncooperative or malicious. 

Getting prepared for a legal proceeding is stressful for many people, as a Family Lawyer from Law Group of Iowa knows, so it’s always in the best interest of the individual to lean on a lawyer during difficult times, including divorce, child custody battle, fight over alimony, and more.