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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Denver, CO

A man from Pinellas County, Florida, who was seen on the dash camera from a Florida Highway Patrol car now wants to thank the trooper who saved his life, reports ABC Tampa.

Thirty-one-year-old Brandon Niles was thrown from his motorcycle after he struck the back of an automobile that had cut him off, according to police. A trooper with the Florida Highway Patrol saw the crash, and he used tourniquets to assist Niles as they waited for emergency responders to arrive at the scene.

Niles’ wife, Laura, told local news outlets that the couple wanted to thank the trooper who aided him for knowing what to do, calling the trooper a hero and an angel.

Currently, Niles is in the Intensive Care Unit of the St. Petersburg hospital, where both legs were amputated under his knee due to the severity of his injuries. Niles’ mother said the victim was afraid to close his eyes at the hospital because he feared he would not survive for his children.

Jah-Vez Tierre Deon Hill-Holmes, age 20, was the driver who cut off Niles. He left the scene of the accident but returned later and admitted to causing it, police say. According to police, Hill-Holmes tried to make a left turn in his car across all the westbound traffic lanes on Park Boulevard, and that was when he cut Niles off.

Hill-Holmes has since been arrested and taken to the county jail in Pinellas. He is facing charges for driving with a revoked/suspended license, felony violation of his probation related to a forgery charge, and fleeing the scene of an accident that involved serious bodily harm.

The legal representation for Niles says that while Hill-Holmes did have insurance, it’s not going to be enough to cover Niles’ medical costs, which may exceed $1 million. A fundraiser has been set up for Niles to raise money for wider doorways and ramps for his home to make it more wheelchair accessible and buy medical equipment. Niles will also eventually need to get prosthetic legs.

Motorcyclists continue to be at risk on the roads

Thousands of people die in motorcycle crashes each year, according to the Insurance Information Institute (https://www.iii.org/fact-statistic/facts-statistics-motorcycle-crashes), and many more are injured. Motorcyclists have less rider protection than those in motor vehicles, and the difference in weight between a bike and a motor vehicle is considerable. Both of these factors mean that when an automobile and a motorcycle meet, it’s usually the motorcyclist who is left with more serious injuries.

Another danger facing motorcyclists in the inattention of other drivers. As in the case of Niles, motorists often simply don’t see motorcyclists on the road, and that leads to devastating accidents. In general, drivers are more distracted on the roads today than they were just a decade ago, making it even more dangerous for motorcyclists on today’s highways.

A motorcycle accident can leave you with lifelong injuries and losses. If you haven’t already done so, speak to a motorcycle accident lawyer Denver, CO offers about your case today.

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