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Criminal Lawyer

So you are in the middle of a criminal case and you are not sure which way things can for you. The judge and jury know only so many things about you, the crime you potentially committed based on the details on your case gathered by opposing counsel. So it is now your job to sell yourself. Before a sentence is determined, there may be a pre-sentence interview. This where you give the judge a bit more of your story, and this information can potentially change the entire outcome of your case. The facts that are mainly outlined in a pre-sentence interview are:

  • Any criminal history at all.
  • Your work or volunteer history.
  • Any existence of drug or substance abuse.
  • Your education.
  • Your relationship with your family, community, and your family’s history.
  • If there was any motive to commit the alleged crime, and what that motive may have been.

The more information that you have regarding these main topics can be completely helpful to you. A probation officer will speak with you, and other parties that may be involved such as the arresting officer, any victims, witnesses, and people that may have been affected, such as family members. Some people write letters on the suspects behalf if they cannot be or have not been interviewed. While you should probably already have a criminal defense attorney, be sure that your attorney can point the probation officer in the right direction and provide as much information that proves your innocence or character means well, as possible. A criminal defense attorney may advise, while your case is pending investigation, to so work that in a sense undoes your action. If you are accused of a robbery, donating may help your case. If you are being charged with a DUI, maybe attending Alcohol Anonymous classes or going to rehab would work in your favor. These actions not only show remorse, but show that you are not likely to commit the offense a second time, or again. This information will be brought to the judges’ attention before a final decision is made and this may bring forth a more positive outcome for you or the accused. 

Speak with a criminal defense attorney to discuss your options. Lucky for some, many criminal defense attorneys will assist with pointing you in the right direction in an initial consultation without charging you any fees. Talk to a criminal lawyer in Decatur, GA in your area as soon as you are facing criminal charges so that you can start on your pre-sentence accolades sooner than later.

Thanks to Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. for their insight into criminal defense cases and pre-sentences.