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A public defender is an attorney that the judge appoints to represent a defendant in a criminal case. A public defender will be appointed when a defendant cannot afford a lawyer. In determining whether a defendant can afford an attorney, the judge will look to only the defendant’s ability to pay. If the judge determines the defendant cannot afford an attorney, a public defender will be provided to the defendant at no cost. 

A free legal defense may sound appealing; however, there are many benefits to having a private attorney. 

One of the biggest complaints to the California State Bar is that attorneys are not communicating with clients. Going through the criminal justice process is a scary and stressful ordeal, and many defendants need reassurance from their attorney. The problem is, many public defenders have large, time-consuming caseloads that force them to triage cases. So, communication to reassure can fall through the cracks. 

At Chastaine Jones, we pride ourselves on regular, open communication with clients. As private attorneys, we are able to control our caseload to ensure all clients receive the highest level of support throughout the process. We understand that our clients often need not only legal support, but emotional support as well.

As we are able to control our caseloads, we can ensure your case gets the time and resources it needs for the best outcome. All of our attorneys’ approach each and every case as a team, strategizing to exploit every angle we can in your defense. In addition to our team of attorneys, we have support staff, including our in-house investigator, who are invaluable to providing full service support to our clients. 

Contact our office at Chastaine Jones Criminal Defense (916-932 7150) to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. Our lawyers can help you understand your legal options and fight the charges against you.