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Slip and Fall Lawyer Denver, CO

Slip and Fall Lawyer Denver, COSlip and Fall Lawyer Denver, CO

When you are injured in a slip and fall accident, The Law Office of Richard J. Banta, P.C., would like to listen to what happened to you during a consultation over the phone or in our office. If you would like to speak with a slip and fall lawyer Denver, CO families have been relying on for decades, please call our firm now.

The Importance of Medical Treatment After a Slip and Fall Accident

While occasionally we may stumble due to a not-so-graceful moment, there are other instances where we fall onto the ground because of the negligence or carelessness of someone else. Slip and fall accidents are no joking matter, as a person may sustain injuries that are painful, uncomfortable, and disorienting. Those who are responsible for the safety and maintenance of a property, must be alert to hazards and attend to them with a sense of urgency. If not, a visitor may suffer a slip and fall accident, and file a lawsuit for compensation.

If you or someone you love had recently slipped and fallen resulting in injuries and financial loss, then we highly recommend contacting a slip and fall lawyer Denver, CO has to offer for advice.

Your Health is Priority

It is natural to feel embarrassed after taking a fall, as we may fear we looked silly to others who witnessed it happen. However, it is more important that you focus on your health and get medical care if you need it. Do not let feeling ashamed prevent you from calling 911 if you don’t feel right. A slip and fall lawyer in Denver, CO is likely to suggest getting copies of medical records and bills related to the slip and fall injuries, in case you decide to take legal action against the person who is in charge of visitor safety. These documents can not only emphasize the severity of your injuries, but increase the amount you receive in compensation too. If you are unable to get these records, or don’t know how, please ask your slip and fall lawyer Denver, CO provides for assistance.

Filing a Report of Your Injuries

Before leaving the property, it is a good idea to report the accident to the appropriate person. For example, if you fell in the community area of a condo rental complex, the building owner or manager may be the most suitable person to talk to. If you fell in a retail store, the immediate supervisor on duty can provide you with documentation to file an incident report. Regardless of the type of premises you slipped and fell on, a premises liability lawyer Denver, CO offers will need to review what happened in order to file a claim for compensation.

Keep a copy of the report you submit for your own records too. The more information you have regarding the slip and fall, the stronger your lawsuit. Should you have become unconscious after the slip and fall, or were so injured that you were rushed to the hospital, please consult a slip and fall lawyer Denver, CO respects to find out whether or not they can report the incident on your behalf.

Photographs of Injuries and the Scene

Another crucial component of your slip and fall accident, is to take pictures of the scene and your visible injuries. Additionally, snap as many photographs as possible with your cell phone of what, you believe, caused you to fall. This could be a puddle, debri, garbage, broken flooring, or something else. Once staff members are notified of the accident, they may rush over to clean up the proof before you get a chance to take photographic evidence. Lastly, you may have sustained injuries that are internal or do not show up right away. As the days go on start a file or journal that details the progress of your condition, and take pictures along with the date for any latent visible injuries.

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