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Being injured in an accident often means you’ll have a lot of medical bills, medication, therapy and other health-related costs to take care of. It could also mean you’ll miss work or be permanently disabled and unable to perform your job in the future. All of these issues can really take a toll on a person, which could lead you to filing a personal injury lawsuit against the individual who caused your injury.

Is your case big enough to qualify for a lawyer? Anyone could hire a lawyer, really, but you want to be sure you have enough to gain to make it worth hiring a lawyer. Answers to the following questions could help you decide.

How Severe Is My Injury?

If your injury is only minor, you may not have much to gain from a personal injury lawsuit. An insurance offer could end up being more than what you’d stand to receive after hiring a lawyer and him or her taking out the contingency fee. If your injury is serious, or you have multiple injuries, they would require more extensive medical care. This could make a possible settlement value much greater, making it more worth hiring a lawyer.

What Is My Recovery Outlook?

If there is no chance you’re going to recover from your injury, you could be looking at a fairly large settlement, which often makes hiring an attorney one of the best moves you could make. If your doctors are certain you’ll recover in a short amount of time, you may not stand to receive as much in a settlement. It might be less costly to pay for your medical bills instead of paying for a lawyer. If your recovery is still undetermined, you could speak with your lawyer to get his or her opinion on the matter.

Was the Other Party Extremely Careless?

If the incident that caused your injury resulted from a true accident, you may not be entitled to any punitive damages. If the defendant was particularly careless, or acted in some type of outrageous manner, you could be looking at punitive damages, which would make your case worth more. A lawyer could be a great option in that situation.

Getting in Touch with a Lawyer

If you’re still undecided whether your case is big enough for a lawyer, you may want to contact a professional to ask some more questions. Get started today by getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer, like from The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn.