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Finding a criminal defense lawyer can be a daunting task, especially if you’re being charged with the relatively uncommon offense of Medicare fraud. You’re already stressed because you’re being charged with a crime. You want a lawyer who will be passionate about fighting for your interests. Even if you’re considering pleading guilty to get through the process, a lawyer can help minimize the impact that a conviction will have on your future. As an experienced Medicare fraud lawyer – including those who practice at The Morales Law Firm – can confirm, finding a defense attorney who is trustworthy, experienced, knowledgeable, and with whom you can work well can make all the difference to the eventual resolution of your case. Here are a few tips to consider when researching criminal defense lawyers in your area:

Go Local

A local criminal defense lawyer will know the judges and prosecutors, which can be a valuable asset for you. Many people in the criminal justice system have biases that your attorney will need to account for. Local lawyers can give you a better assessment of how the other people involved may handle your case. Local connections can also help you create a better strategy to get the best outcome.

Find a Lawyer Who Specializes in Criminal Law – Specifically, Medicare Fraud

The law has many branches. Although your lawyer may not exclusively practice criminal law, you do want someone with experience in the area of which you’ve been charged with. Make sure any lawyer you interview has had some involvement with other cases involving Medicare fraud.

Get a Clear Fee Structure

You are probably very concerned about your budget, but don’t go with the cheapest lawyer unless they also happen to be the best. Go with the lawyer who clearly explains their fee schedule and how you will be billed. Your attorney shouldn’t want you to be confused about the bill. You need to be prepared for how much your defense may cost.

Find a Criminal Defense Lawyer You Can Trust

You may want to check reviews and your lawyer’s reputation, but most importantly, you need to be able to talk to your lawyer and trust them with all the information needed to make your defense. Your lawyer should take direction from you, even though the specific methods used may be up to the lawyer. If you and your lawyer have different goals, it will be difficult to work together. You want your lawyer to be confident about your decision, whether that is to plead guilty or not. Your lawyer should be confident in the courtroom. If you don’t trust that the attorney has your best interest in mind, keep looking for an attorney who does.