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Trucking Accident Lawyer Denver, CO

Any accident between a passenger vehicle and commercial truck can be incredibly serious. Because a commercial semi-truck is so much larger and heavier than a passenger vehicle, any collisions between the two can result in serious injury or death.

When you are driving near a commercial truck, keep these safety tips in mind.

Mind the blind spots

A commercial truck usually has more and larger blind spots than other vehicle types. Because of this, it’s harder for the truck driver to see an approaching vehicle. When you’re driving near a commercial truck, keep out of the area that extends 20 feet ahead of the truck and 30 feet behind it. As with other vehicles, if you can’t see the driver in the truck’s mirrors, it’s likely he or she cannot see you, either.

Use your signals and leave space

Due to their weight and size, commercial trucks need more distance and time to maneuver on the road. If you are near one of these big trucks, always use your turn signal before you change lanes to give the truck driver ample warning.

In addition, trucks need more space on the road than other smaller vehicle types, so make sure you leave plenty of space when you’re driving in the proximity of one. Keep in mind that a truck may need two lanes when making a wider turn, and never pass a truck on the right when it is turning right as you could end up trapped between the curb and the truck. If you could reach a commercial truck with your car before you count to four, you’re too close.

Adjust your headlights

Headlights can blind a truck driver if the lights reflect off of the larger mirrors found on commercial trucks. That’s why you should always lower your car’s high beams when you see a truck approaching you on the road.

Don’t allow distractions

Any distraction that takes your focus off of driving and the road puts everyone around you in danger. Never use mobile phones or other devices while you are driving, and don’t engage in lively conversations with your passengers if that causes you to pay less attention to your driving. You should also avoid eating, using a GPS or adjusting features such as the radio while you’re actively driving. Distracted driving has been on the rise nationwide partly because of all the newer features in cars, so even if you are tempted to adjust something while you’re moving, it’s always best to pull over first.

A truck accident can be horrific, causing victims to experience serious injuries that result in disability or death. That’s why you must always use caution when you are driving around a commercial truck.

If you or someone you care about has been injured in a truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your pain, losses and suffering. Speak to an experienced trucking accident lawyer Denver, CO relies on about your case and all of your rights as soon as you can.



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