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Bicycle Accident Lawyer

A bicycle rider who gets onto their bike anticipating an injury-free ride, may be devastated to have the cruise cut short due to being hit by a car driver. As many riders may have observed, drivers are not always watching out for bicyclists as well as they should. Drivers may be distracted due to talking on the phone, playing with the radio, daydreaming, or rushing to work.

Bicyclists who have been struck by a car driver even going a slow speed, may suffer various injuries. These injuries may in turn require medical treatment, which can add up quickly. In order to recover these costs, a bicyclist may consider suing the driver for restitution. Here are just a few of the types of questions a bicycle rider may ask his or her lawyer when deciding if legal action is the route they want to pursue:

How do I know whether I need legal representation or not?

If the bicyclist suffered injuries that surpassed what the typical first aid kit can offer and endured financial loss due to the accident, then having legal representation is probably going to be helpful. Legalities can be complicated, so trying to go through the process of filing a lawsuit against the driver may prove futile if the bicyclist does not at least have some legal guidance along the way. Perhaps the best way to find out if you have a strong case for a personal injury lawsuit, is to meet with a lawyer in your area who has worked with clients like you in the past.

How soon should I see a doctor after the bicycle accident?

If you have not already been seen by a doctor, a lawyer may suggest that you do so right away. Not only is getting medical attention important, but it can have a negative impact on the lawsuit verdict if you did not see a doctor promptly. A bicyclist who sues a car driver for compensation but does not have any medical records related to injuries, may not get very far as supportive proof is vital to the outcome of a lawsuit.

What kind of information should I bring to a legal consultation?

In general, bring as much information as you can about the bicycle accident to a consultation with a personal injury attorney. A lawyer can provide a more thorough evaluation of your case if everything he or she needs is readily available. Here are examples of documents to take with you to a meeting:

  • Receipts for medical care expenses (ambulance transport, hospitalization, diagnostics, treatment plans, doctor’s evaluations, etc.)
  • Any statements from your employer about work you had to miss in order to rest at home, recover from surgery, or attend a doctor’s appointment (this includes any paid time off you used related to injuries sustained from the bicycle accident)
  • The driver’s information (name, contact, address, insurance company and policy number, vehicle details, driver’s license number)
  • Costs for prescription medications you had to pay for out-of-pocket