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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Every vehicle wreck has the potential to cause serious harm. Nevertheless, the open nature of motorcycles means that motorcycle accidents in particular can cause serious injuries. As a motorcycle accident lawyer from a firm like the Yearin Law Office can explain, here are some typical causes of motorcycle accidents, and a breakdown of a few common outcomes.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders are especially in danger when automobiles make left-hand turns. In fact, approximately 42% of all traffic accidents involving both a car and a motorcycle happen when a four-wheeled vehicle turns left. These accidents tend to happen because car drivers often have difficulty seeing nearby motorcycles or anticipating their maneuvers.

Sometimes, motorcycle accidents happen without another vehicle being involved. Around 50% of all motorcycle crashes that happen independently are caused by intoxication, speeding, or a combination of the two. Another possibility is that the motorcycle collides with a fixed object, such as a construction barrier. Road hazards, including potholes, are particularly perilous. Along with their exceptional mobility, motorcycles carry extreme risk when they encounter slick roads or uneven lanes. 

Another dangerous scenario is lane splitting. Because of their reduced size, motorcycles have the ability to pass between cars. Doing this is dicey, as car drivers are unlikely to expect an oncoming motorcycle that should stop them from changing lanes.

Injuries Associated With Motorcycle Accidents

There is no limit to the types of injury that a motorcyclist can experience in an accident. That being said, some possibilities are more likely to occur than others. For instance, motorcyclists are prone to suffering road rash. They’re also especially in danger of joint injuries, as well as breaking their shoulders or pelvis.

As serious as these scenarios may be, there exist even more consequential results. For those who refuse to wear a helmet, permanent brain damage may happen. Bikers’ arms are exceptionally vulnerable. In some cases, the arm’s upper nerves become damaged, thus leading to permanent paralysis. In other instances, a limb can become so disfigured that it must be amputated.

Similarly, facial deformities are comparatively common. Plastic surgery may be recommended after a motorcycle rider suffers scarring or burning. Of course, the worst-case scenario is death.

Though many motorcycle accidents are due to operator error, it’s not always the case. Oftentimes, motorcycle accidents happen because of someone else’s recklessness or unfavorable road conditions. If you’re injured in a two-wheeled accident that isn’t your fault, you deserve compensation. Hire a motorcycle accident lawyer to bring the responsible party to justice.