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Personal injury is defined as any sort of bodily injury to a person. There are several different types of personal injury categories. Following is a list of few popular ones:

  1. Car Accident Cases: The most common type of personal injury claim arises from a car accident. At one point or another, everyone’s been in a car accident. Some are minor while others result in life threatening injuries. Usually, a car accident results from a careless driver who is not following the rules of the road. In most cases, a careless driver can be financially held liable for any injuries caused as a result of his/her negligence. In Texas, it’s the law to have valid insurance. This means, an insurance company will provide coverage and defense to the careless negligent driver.


  1. Slip and Fall/Premises Liability: The second most common type of personal injury claim arises from a slip and fall at a facility. Typically, a case like this involves a restaurant, or a grocery store who negligently left dangerous hazard on the floor of its store for a long period of time without cleaning up, which results in a customer to slip and fall. Grocery stores and restaurants carry insurance for personal injury. The coverage and defense will generally come from the insurance company. In Texas, these cases become challenging if you are unable to prove how long the hazardous substance was on the floor of the facility.


  1. Dog Bites: Dogs are considered property in most states, including Texas. When a dog injures another person, the owner of the dog is financially responsible for the bodily injury. In Texas, a dog owner is strictly liable for the bite if the dog has been aggressive in the past, or has dangerous propensities such as – has bitten in the past. Texas has adopted the “one bite” rule, in which an owner only becomes financially responsible for the dog if the dog has bitten another person in the past and the owner knew about the bite.


  1. Medical Malpractice cases: Last most common type of personal injury claims arise from negligence of a doctor or other healthcare professional. A doctor or a healthcare profession is supposed to be competent and reasonably skilled and trained in the care of its patient. If the doctor performs a procedure negligently, he or she may become open to liability.

For any of these areas of personal injury, or another area not listed here, it is important to seek advice from competent personal injury attorneys such as the personal injury lawyers in Arlington TX.

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