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Car Accident Lawyer

The scene of a car accident is often stressful and chaotic. If there are extensive vehicle damages or injuries, the stress and chaos is intensified. While navigating a car accident scene, although it may be difficult, the most important factor is to remain calm and level headed. Remaining calm will allow you to successfully collect the information you need to handle the aftermath of the accident.

When an accident occurs, health and safety should be the main concern. If there are injuries, emergency services need to be notified and dispatched. Even if there are no visible injuries or symptoms, it is a good idea to seek medical attention. Some common car accident injuries take time for symptoms to present themselves and can worsen without treatment. Medical treatment and any injuries sustained from the car accident need to be documented and will be very important factors later when seeking compensation for damages from the car accident.

Regardless of how minor a car accident may be, the police should always be called so an official report of the car accident can be filed. If either party decides to pursue a lawsuit to recover damages from the accident, the original accident report is an important piece of evidence.

In addition to a police report, other evidence needs to be documented at the scene of the accident. Drivers need to exchange insurance information for claim purposes. Pictures and videos should be taken of both vehicles and their damages. The car’s positions and surrounding landmarks like street signs and intersections should also be included in the photos. If there are witnesses present, their contact information should be recorded. Witness statements should be taken as soon as possible following an accident, so the events are fresh and accurate in the witness’s mind.

Tensions may be running high at the scene of the accident and it is natural for drivers to blame each other. It is important to stay calm and nonconfrontational. Any statements made at a car accident scene can be turned around and used to prove fault later if a lawsuit is filed. Both parties should keep communication limited to the exchange of insurance information and checking to make sure no one is seriously injured. Even a statement as minor as an apology can later be taken out of context to hold one party liable over the other.  

The scene of a car accident will always be stressful and chaotic. Although it may be difficult to think clearly, you must remain calm and follow the correct steps to gather information and evidence. After a car accident it is wise to consult a car accident lawyer relies on. If you suffered damages due to a car accident, you may have a legal right to collect compensation for those damages. The right post-car accident procedures could end up being the difference between a successful or unsuccessful lawsuit.

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