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When Do You Not Need an AttorneyAutomobile Accident Lawyer in Denver, CO

An automobile accident lawyer in Denver, CO from The Law Office of Richard J. Banta, P.C. knows that the time after a car accident can be a confusing period, especially if you have never been involved in one before. Among the many questions you may be asking yourself is “Do I need an attorney?”

In some cases, the answer may be no. Sometimes the damages you stand to recover are so minimal that it is not worth the time to investigate further. Ironically, however, it may be that an attorney is the best person to advise you whether or not you need one. Our Denver, Colorado automobile accident lawyers offer free consultations, so it costs you nothing to find out whether your case is worth pursuing.

When Do You Not Need an Attorney?
Essentially, there are two main situations in which hiring an attorney may not be worth your while: 1) if you sustained no major injury or 2) you are unlikely to recover much in the way of damages to your vehicle. If the book value was low and the mileage was high, your award is likely to be small. After the deduction of attorney’s fees, your award may be next to nothing.

But as we stated above, it’s best to have a Denver automobile accident lawyer in Colorado assess your likelihood for compensation before assuming your case isn’t worth anything.

If you’re lucky enough to walk away from the accident with no major injuries and don’t need to take much time off from work to recover, you may not have grounds for a lawsuit and therefore have no need to hire an attorney. However, make sure you get an evaluation from a doctor before you make this determination. Symptoms of injuries from a car accident may not show up for days afterward.

What Can an Attorney Do For You?
If you are seriously injured and/or stand to recover significant property damages, hiring an automobile accident lawyer in CO from The Law Firm of Richard J. Banta, P.C. can be worth your while. As you concentrate on healing from your injury, we can do the legwork involved in gathering and organizing evidence to support your claim, which could be very taxing if you try to do it yourself in your condition.

When you take your car accident claim to court, you are up against a phalanx of lawyers employed by the insurance company prepared to use their collective years of education and experience against you. An Auto Accident Lawyer in Denver, CO can match their legal experience and make sure that your voice is heard in court by serving as a knowledgeable advocate on your behalf.

We would be happy to evaluate your case and advise you on whether or not hiring an attorney to pursue damages would be worth your while. Contact a Colorado automobile accident lawyer in at The Law Firm of Richard J. Banta, P.C. for more information.