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Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slipping and falling while patronizing retail establishments is an all-too-common occurrence in the United States. Inclement weather may cause shoppers and workers alike to track slippery substances into a building and if management has not adequately prepared for this reality, slipping hazards may abound. Additionally, spills, leaks, and other dangers may befall shoppers as they go about their business, especially if management doesn’t take proper care to mitigate the risks of such challenges.

What many slip and fall victims are unaware of is that they have rights that are protected by law. Although not every slip and fall incident is legally actionable, many are. Broadly speaking, any time a retail facility either knows or should have known about a hazard on its property and fails to take reasonable measures to mitigate the risk of harm to patrons, that facility may be held accountable by those who are harmed by that failure.

With that said, every slip and fall case is unique and injured shoppers are best served by speaking with an experienced attorney who can provide them with personalized guidance about the strengths and weaknesses of their legal situation.  

Pursuing Damages

As an experienced slip and fall lawyer can confirm, slip and fall accident victims who have suffered significant injuries are frequently entitled to economic damages for medical bills, lost wages, and other objective financial losses. They may also be entitled to non-economic damage awards for pain and suffering and related subjective losses. If you’ve recently suffered harm due to a slip and fall incident, don’t make any assumptions about the relative value of your case until an attorney has been given time to evaluate your circumstances thoroughly and objectively.

When Accidents Are Work-Related

If you were shopping for work-related reasons when you slipped and fell, perhaps you were picking up supplies at the request of your boss, you should be aware that you’re likely entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits as a result of your harm. The workers’ compensation benefits application process is extremely time-sensitive and it can be somewhat difficult to prove that a shopping injury is work-related, so do not waste any time in consulting an attorney about your options under the circumstances.

A Cautionary Word About Social Media

It is important for all slip-and-fall injury victims to understand that anything that they write, post, or even “like” on social media can be used as reasons to devalue or deny any claims that they might file in the wake of sustaining harm. Insurance claims adjusters and legal counsel for the retail establishments involved in their cases will undoubtedly scour social media, looking for any activity that could undermine a victim’s claims of how hurt they are or how they got hurt. Even seemingly innocuous posts of parents playing with their kids can be used as evidence against a victim. If possible, stay off of social media until your claim is fully resolved.