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Being in any kind of motor vehicle accident is going to be traumatizing. And even the most cautious and safe drivers may find themselves the victim in a terrible accident. Among all the types of accidents out there that can happen, among the most serious are commercial truck collisions. This is due to the gigantic size and hefty weight of commercial trucks, especially if they were fully stocked at the time of impact. Hundreds of thousands of people die each year across the nation because of truck accidents. And many of these incidents occur due to a trucker not abiding by the laws and regulations set forth for them.

So who else may be liable in the aftermath of a tragic truck accident? A violation of state or federal regulations is only one of the factors that may have contributed to such an accident. Truckers must abide by regulations that oversee their driving hours, rest breaks, and more. However, it may not only be the trucker who is responsible. These parties may also be partially at-fault for a commercial truck accident:

Truck Part Manufacturers

Trucks may have parts installed that have defects and can cause a malfunction to happen while in motion. Depending on the factors and evidence, it may be possible to hold a truck part manufacturer responsible for a victim’s damages. Manufacturers are held to certain standards, and before allowing their products to leave the building, adequate testing and other evaluations must be performed. As a truck accident lawyer Baton Rouge, LA residents trust Cashio Injury Attorneys may inform, a manufacturer who is found to have released a defective product may have to pay the victim a substantial amount in restitution for injuries, property damage, loss of wage, and other ways the victim had suffered.

Commercial Truck Companies

The companies that hire commercial truck drivers must ensure truckers are properly trained before placing them behind the wheel. But unfortunately, some truck companies may surpass sufficient training so drivers can get onto the road sooner, delivering items that must arrive on a strict schedule. It isn’t uncommon for truck companies to prioritize a shipment arriving on-time instead of the safety of others on the road. Truck drivers may be placed under immense pressure to get where they need to be, forcing them to skip training hours and much-needed rest breaks. 

Shipping Companies

Loading and shipping companies may also be liable for a commercial truck wreck. When these trucks are not loaded properly or have exceeded the maximum capacity, it increases the chances of an awful collision happening. For instance, an overly loaded truck may tip and crash into another vehicle during a sharp turn, because the truck was not meant to maneuver in such a way while carrying the weight that was placed on it.

When commercial truck accidents happen, there may be more than one party responsible. Victims may find the financial relief they are looking for by including the truck driver, trucking company, and truck manufacturer in their lawsuit. All of these parties may have contributed to a disastrous commercial truck crash.