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Defective Product Injury Lawyer

The relatives of a US woman who died at a Mexican resort have filed a wrongful death claim against the vacation company, reports WISC-TV News (https://www.channel3000.com/news/-i-just-miss-her-mother-files-wrongful-death-lawsuit-in-daughter-s-mexico-drowning/899186072).

Abbey Conner, from Pewaukee, Wisconsin, died at the Iberostar Resort in Mexico in January of 2017 while on a winter break vacation with her mother, Ginny McGowan, her stepfather and her brother, Austin Connor.

On the first day of their trip, Abbey and her brother celebrated their arrival with some tequila shots by the pool. Both Abbey and Austin lost consciousness shortly after drinking the alcohol. Austin recovered after nearly drowning in shallow water, but his sister was found in the resort pool unresponsive. She was later declared brain dead.

At the time, her death was ruled an accident, but the wrongful death filing by her family says that some parties were at fault, namely the “Visit Us” booking company that facilitated the family’s trip and the Iberostar Resort. According to the lawsuit, both the resort and the booking company knew that the beverages being served at the resort were not fit for human consumption because they were tainted. The resort has denied these allegations, stating that it has secure supply chains and does not serve any tainted alcohol.

After Abbey died, authorities in Mexico raided area establishments and seized an estimated 90 gallons of alcohol that were being kept in unsanitary conditions. Tests later found that around 235 gallons of another seized alcohol supply contained high levels of methanol, a dangerous chemical that is often found in washer fluid for windshields.

Her mother has said the time since her daughter’s death has been horrible and that she knew an injustice had been committed because her daughter and son simply being drunk does not explain how ill they became. This prompted the wrongful death lawsuit, which the family hopes will bring some justice. McGowan added that she wishes they had never gone to that resort and that she misses speaking to her daughter every day.

This case has served as a warning to those traveling to countries outside the US, but this is an image local travel agencies have been fighting to change. Ed Mani, the president of Wisconsin-based travel agency Burkhalter Travel, told local news outlets that people should not be afraid of traveling to Mexico. According to Mani, he has been to the resort Abbey visited and has referred his own clients there, something he would not do if he did not believe it was safe. He added that he regularly checks the US Department of State’s page for travel advisories and that most places in Mexico are at a “level two,” which calls for exercising increased caution. The key, according to Mani, is to remember that you are in a different country and not at home.

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