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Best Bus Accident Lawyer DenverBest Bus Accident Lawyer in Denver

Buses provide a convenient way for people to get to work and other important places. However, just like other vehicles on the road, buses can get into accidents. Because buses are such large and heavy vehicles, they can cause life-threatening injuries. If you were hurt in a bus accident, you should speak to the best bust accident lawyer Denver accident victims recommend soon.

Common Causes of Bus Accidents

Driver Fatigue Bus drivers drive multiple hours every day. Doing all that driving day after day can become physically and mentally exhausting after a while. That’s why it’s so important for bus drivers to get adequate sleep every night. Unfortunately, not all of these drivers get the recommended amount of sleep every night and may wake up groggy. Fatigued bus drivers put their passengers and everyone else on the road in danger. As the best bus accident lawyer in Denver can confirm, tired bus drivers can lose focus of the road ahead and even fall asleep behind the wheel.

Improper Maintenance Bus companies are required by law to properly maintain and repair their vehicles. However, to save money, some bus companies may skip necessary maintenance work. Unfortunately, this can increase the risk of an accident. For example, if a bus has bad brakes or tires with no tread, a crash can occur and the bus company can be held liable for the damages.

Speeding Bus drivers are under a lot of pressure to stay on schedule. If road construction, bad weather or other factors slow them down, they may be tempted to drive above the speed limit to make up some of the lost time. Unfortunately, however, speeding can increase the risk of accidents. As the best bus accident lawyer in Denver can attest, buses that speed have a much more difficult time stopping if traffic suddenly slows down.

Unruly Passengers While most passengers on a bus are respectful, some can become unruly. It’s a bus driver’s responsibility to maintain order on the bus and eject unruly passengers if necessary. If the bus driver doesn’t do anything to stop the unruly behavior, he or she could become distracted and get into an accident.

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs and Alcohol Despite the warnings against driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, some drivers still choose to get behind the wheel impaired, including bus drivers. Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol could impair their judgment and make them lose focus of the road, increasing the risk of an accident. If you were injured in an accident caused by an impaired bus driver, it’s important to consult the best bus accident lawyer in Denver.

If you sustained injuries in a bus accident, you should speak to the best bus accident lawyer in Denver. You may be entitled to compensation. If you are looking for the best bus driver Denver bus accident victims can rely on, contact the reliable team at Richard J. Banta, P.C. as soon as you can.