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Criminal Defense Lawyer Denver CO

Criminal Defense Lawyer Denver CO

Criminal Defense Lawyer, Denver, COWorking with a criminal defense lawyer Denver, CO residents turn to for help should be one of your first considerations if you have been charged with a crime. We know that this time can be terrifying, especially because the consequences of a criminal charge can be severe. At Richard J. Banta, P.C., we know that it can be scary to be arrested by police and to undergo police questioning. Not only can we provide you tips for managing these stressful situations, but we can also help you have a clear understanding of the road that lies ahead. We want to represent you by providing you with experience and guidance during what is sure to be a time full of unknowns. 

If You Have Been Arrested

An arrest may come entirely unexpectedly, and you may have no idea of the reason behind the request. The arrest process can be terrifying, and if it was unexpected, you might even be in disbelief over what is happening to you. Here are some steps to take during the arrest process and beyond:

  1. Even if you believe that you have done anything wrong, it’s crucial that you not resist arrest. Fighting with law enforcement, fleeing from police, or trying to talk your way out of things can only make matters worse. 
  2. Exercise your Fifth Amendment Right by remaining silent. You are entitled to legal representation either through a private law firm or an attorney from the public defender’s office. Do not answer questions or make agreements without your lawyer present. 
  3. Keep track of as many details as you can remember regarding the arrest process. This can help your lawyer when examining your case to look for signs that your rights were violated. 
  4. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible so that you can receive much needed legal guidance. 

If you are charged with a crime, know that you have rights. Having a clear understanding of your rights and the process that lies ahead can demystify the process. However, to navigate the criminal system, you will need assistance from our Denver, CO criminal defense lawyer. 

Tips for Managing Police Questioning

There can be a range of reasons police may want to question you. For most, hearing from the police for a crime they may be investigating can certainly be alarming. Some encounters are voluntary, meaning the police may ask to speak with you. An investigative detention is when a suspect is brought to the police station and detained. Typically once you have been questioned, you may have the ability to leave. The third occurs when you undergo an arrest. However, if you are facing one of these situations, you will want to keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Ask if you can leave and if you are under arrest. This can provide you with a clearer picture of whether you are required to undergo questioning.
  2. Know your rights. Remember that anything you say or do could be used against you. Meaning, while speaking with police may seem harmless, it could ultimately result in serious problems. You put yourself at risk of further incriminating yourself.
  3. Remember that you have a right to an attorney present. If you are being questioned, before sharing any information, you may want to ask to call your lawyer. They can advise you during questioning and protect your rights throughout the process. 

Police questioning can be intense. Know that there are a variety of tactics used by law enforcement to get you to speak. While it may be tempting to answer questions so that you can go home, you may inadvertently share information that could only make matters worse. 

We Want to Represent You!

Richard J. Banta, P.C., is dedicated to helping clients see their cases through. We will work diligently to protect your rights and the consequences you might be facing. If you are experiencing legal troubles that may result in severe consequences, don’t hesitate to call our Denver, Colorado criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.