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Hit and Run Accident Lawyer Denver COHit and Run Accident Lawyer Denver CO

Our hit and run accident lawyer Denver CO accident victims recommend knows that it can be especially frustrating to be struck by another vehicle, only to have them leave the scene. Any car accident can result in several challenges; however, when the driver leaves the scene, you may be unsure of whether they will ever be located. This can make it confusing for victims who are seeking damages for losses that have resulted from property damage, medical expenses, and lost wages. Richard J. Banta, P.C. will tell you that there are some critical steps you can take immediately after the accident. Taking proper action can help your case and even assist in locating the liable party. However, our lawyer can assist with one of the most critical tasks, pursuing an insurance claim for your losses.

Stay at the Scene

There are many reasons a driver might cause a collision and flee the scene. This can be problematic for several reasons and can result in civil and even criminal ramifications. If the responsible party drives away, it may be because:

  • They are intoxicated
  • They have a warrant out for their arrest
  • They do not have the proper insurance
  • Driving without a license

The reasons are endless. However, if you were hit by a driver and drove away, there are two things you shouldn’t do, attempt to chase the driver and leave the scene of the accident.

Call the Police

Our Auto Accident lawyer in Denver CO stresses that you contact the police as soon as possible and take the time to gather as much evidence as you can. Take the time to try to remember every detail of the accident. This may play a critical role in catching the driver who hit you. Some identifying information could include the make and model of the vehicle, identifying characteristics that stand out, a description of the driver, and the color of the car. The police will investigate the accident and gather as much information as possible. There may even be nearby traffic cameras that can be reviewed to gather additional evidence.

Seek Medical Care

Another call you may need to make at the scene is to contact emergency services for medical attention. This can ensure that you can obtain the proper treatment for any injuries you have sustained. Failing to take this critical step could have a severe impact on a victim as some injuries may be underlying and not apparent at first. Additionally, seeking medical care can play a critical role in proving your accident case.

Managing the Insurance Company

Colorado is an at-fault state, meaning, victims can file claims against the liable parties insurance. However, suppose the responsible party is unable to be located. In that case, it may be in your best interest to pursue compensation through your own insurance company if you have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Dealing with insurance companies, even your own, can be difficult. Keep in mind that insurance companies will be looking to pay out as little as possible to you, which is why you will need a lawyer’s help. They will be able to prepare your claim and negotiate a settlement with the insurance companies in efforts to retain the best outcome possible.

Hit and run vehicle collisions leave victims to suffer from injuries and financial loss. Richard J. Banta, P.C. knows that navigating the days ahead can be incredibly overwhelming. Our Denver CO hit and run accident lawyer’s experience is a primary reason to seek guidance.