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Denver CO Public Transportation Accident Lawyer

Denver CO Public Transportation Accident Lawyer Public Transportation Accident Lawyer – Denver, CO

The Regional Transportation District operates light rail, buses and airport rail services. At its best, the RTD provides reliable public transportation that allows millions of individuals to reach their destinations with confidence. At its worst, RTD services result in accidents that are injurious and even fatal. It is important to understand that the law protects the rights of public transportation passengers just as it protects the rights of motor vehicle drivers and passengers who have been injured in accidents. If you have been harmed while riding a RTD-maintained public transportation service, please consider connecting with an experienced Denver, Colorado public transportation accident lawyer – just as you would if you had been injured in a traditional motor vehicle collision.

Risks to RTD passengers

Any form of transportation can be involved in an accident. When exploring one’s legal options in the wake of an accident, the primary question becomes “who is liable for the harm caused” by the accident. For example, if a RTD bus crashes, one might wonder whether the bus had been properly serviced or if the driver was distracted. One might wonder whether another driver involved in the crash was drunk or being overly aggressive. In the context of a single crash, a bus or train driver, RTD itself and/or third-parties may bear some measure of liability for the harm resulting from the collision.

It is partially for this reason why it is so important to speak with an experienced Denver, CO bus accident lawyer if you have been injured while serving as a public transportation passenger. There are so many potential factors in play that it may or may not make sense to file legal action against RTD, or against RTD alone. A Denver, CO public transportation accident lawyer experienced in handling these kinds of collisions will know what questions to ask and what kinds of legal action you may benefit from pursuing. If you are experiencing “run-around” with insurance providers in the wake of a RTD accident, an experienced Denver, CO public transportation accident lawyer will know how to cut through the red tape in order to allow you access to necessary compensation as well. Please know that if you have been injured in an accident, you are most certainly not alone and that legal support is available.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you have been injured in the wake of a RTD-related accident, please consider connecting with a Denver, CO public transportation accident lawyer experienced in these kinds of accidents today. Taking public transportation is an excellent way to be environmentally friendly, to interact with your wider community and to save money. Taking the step of traveling via public transportation should not mean that you unreasonably risk injury. The aftermath of an accident can be disorienting. You may have no idea of what to do next in re: legal action. But attorneys experienced in RTD-related accidents understand what steps to take and can provide legal guidance and support as you navigate those steps. Please do not hesitate to schedule a confidential, risk-free consultation today. The legal team at Richard Banta, P.C. looks forward to speaking with you.