Denver CO Bus Accident Lawyer

Do you need a Denver CO Bus accident lawyer? Get in touch with The Law Office of Richard Banta, P.C., to get started. There are numerous questions that come into play with bus accidents, and we’re here to help answer some of them.

Could I Be Responsible for Another Driver’s Negligence?

If you own a vehicle, it’s possible to be held liable for a car accident even if you weren’t driving your car at the time. If another person operates your vehicle and causes an accident, you, as the vehicle owner, could be held responsible for property damage and personal injuries that occur. For many vehicle owners, this comes as quite a shock.

If this person got in an accident with a bus, the situation could get complicated. Contact a Denver CO Bus accident lawyer with any questions.

The concept of imputed negligence states that the responsibility of an accident can shift from one person to another person in certain circumstances. This doctrine may be applicable in car accident cases.

  1. A Child Drives Their Parent’s Car

 If you are a parent and you allow your child to drive your vehicle, you automatically agree to take responsibility if they cause a crash. This means you might be responsible for compensating victims for medical expenses, lost wages, and psychological trauma (usually through your own insurance policy). With bus accidents, those numbers can get quite high, and you may need a Denver CO bus accident lawyer to explain.

  • Negligent Entrustment: According to the negligent entrustment doctrine, if one party (the entrustor) knowingly gives another party (the entrustee) permission to drive a vehicle, the entrustor will take responsibility for the negligent behavior. In car accidents, the parent becomes the entrustor while the inexperienced, reckless, unlicensed, or incompetent child is the entrustee.
  • Family Purpose Doctrine: This principle holds the car owner, who is the parent, liable for the child’s carelessness — even if the child did not have the parent’s approval to drive the car. Should the parents sign the minor’s driving license application, the signatory will automatically become legally answerable for the child’s negligent driving.
  1. An Employee Driving a Company Vehicle

 When an employee causes an accident in a company vehicle, their employer might become liable for the auto accident damages. This is particularly applicable if the employer authorized the employee to use the car for work-related duties. For this reason, many employers take great pains to check a job applicant’s driving history before hiring them to operate a company vehicle. If an employee didn’t have a valid license or wasn’t operating the vehicle with the employer’s consent, liability might remain with the employee.

In these situations, it’s possible an employee was driving a bus instead of a regular car on behalf of the employer. A bus accident lawyer Denver CO citizens trust can help sort through these problems.

  1. Lending Your Vehicle To Another Person

 As a good Denver CO bus accident lawyer can tell you, lending your car to another person means that you are willing to accept liability for any accident damages that this driver causes. The law requires no evidence of the relationship between the motorist and car owner. Instead, the proof of authorization by the person in whose name the vehicle is registered is adequate.

  1. An Incompetent or Unfit Motorist Uses Your Vehicle

It is illegal to knowingly entrust your car to an unfit driver. Incompetent motorists include:

  • Unlicensed or underage motorists
  • Intoxicated people
  • A motorist with a reckless driving history
  • Elderly citizens who are not permitted to drive

In some regions, operating a bus requires a special license. If the driver doesn’t have it, he or she may be unfit. Call a bus accident lawyer in Denver for further explanation.If you have been involved in a car accident or if your vehicle was involved in a collision — even if you weren’t in the crash yourself — you might be facing legal consequences. For more information or for assistance in navigating the legal industry, contact The Law Office of Richard Banta, P.C., to speak to a Denver CO bus accident lawyer today.