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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Denver, CO

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Denver Colorado

As a criminal defense lawyer in Denver, CO from The Law Firm of Richard J. Banta, P.C. understands, a criminal arrest is an anxiety-inducing experience. For those who have been arrested for a criminal offense, the idea of hiring an attorney they have no prior familiarity with can lead to panic. They may believe that to present a proper defense, there has to be a certain level of social or professional intimacy. Unfortunately, this unfounded belief might cause them to consider representing themselves instead of hiring a reliable criminal defense lawyer in Denver. Below, we tell you why this isn’t a good idea.

There are at least five reasons you should never represent yourself in a criminal trial, especially when the charge involves a felony:

1. Consequences

The first reason to consider hiring a Denver, CO criminal defense lawyer, is the potential consequences you face from a weak defense. Some misdemeanors and most felony convictions result in significant jail or prison time. Therefore, it is paramount that you receive the best defense possible. While hiring a free lawyer may be appealing initially, it could cost you in the end if you lose the case.

2. Emotions

Next, an arrest alone is a traumatic experience. However, when you throw a jail cell and court dates into the equation and you consider that every day during the trial your character and innocence are in question, your emotions are likely in a fragile state. Courtrooms are places of extraordinary decorum, and any outburst, no matter how justified or understandable, can affect your case (potentially making your defense more challenging to present). Your criminal defense lawyer from CO can speak for you and advocate on your behalf in the courtroom.

3. Relationships

Do you have any professional relationships with prosecutors? Have you known them for years or possibly gone to school with them? While it might not seem like it, professional relationships matter. A defense attorney who knows the prosecution is likely better able to make deals and negotiate outside of the courtroom, possibly leading to lesser charges and plea deals.

4. Strategy

Also, when a defense lawyer is familiar with the prosecutor in your case, they are often familiar with their offensive style and approach. This familiarity means that your potential attorney can better prepare your defense, punching holes in the prosecution’s case and forcing them to rethink their strategy.

5. Knowledge

Lastly, and likely most important, an attorney has the legal knowledge and prowess to fight your case. Did you attend years of law school? Did you pass the bar? Are you a seasoned law professional with years of courtroom litigation experience? If not, then the thought of putting on your own defense is dangerous.

Don’t put years of your life on the line because you think your attorney doesn’t know you well enough to fight for you. We have trained tirelessly to ensure that you and every other defendant has a fair trial and a sound defense. Contact a criminal defense lawyer in Denver, Colorado from The Law Firm of Richard J. Banta, P.C. today for prompt assistance.