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About Consumer Rights & Responsibilities

As a Denver CO negligence lawyer might tell you, among the many millions of consumer transactions that occur every day, not all are without risk to the purchaser. In fact, among those purchases are items that may cause substantial harm to the buyer. If you are suffering due to an item’s significant malfunction, you can turn to a negligence lawyer in Denver CO from the Law Office of Richard J. Banta, P.C. for assistance. We cover many of the rights of consumers in this article, and how long you have to file a negligence lawsuit for your product defect injury.

What Are My Rights as a Consumer?
Your rights as a consumer can be summarized in eight principles which can be explained by a Denver CO negligence lawyer as they pertain to your case. They are briefly summarized as follows:

  • The Right to Satisfaction of Basic Needs – access to basic and essential items.
  • The Right to Safety – protection against products or services that are hazardous.
  • The Right to Be Informed – to receive information in order to make good decisions.
  • The Right to Choose – to select from a variety of items, with satisfactory quality.
  • The Right to Be Heard – for interest of consumers to be represented when making products and services.
  • The Right to Redress – to receive fair compensation for misleading goods or unsatisfactory services.
  • The Right to Consumer Education – to obtain knowledge in order to make informed choices about items and how to act on consumer rights.
  • The Right to a Healthy Environment – to live and perform work in an environment that is not risking the wellness of current and future generations.

What Are My Responsibilities as a Consumer?
The public has a set of responsibilities to uphold when choosing from a range of products and services on the market. They also have the right to hire a negligence lawyer Denver CO offers. A consumer’s responsibilities are summarized in five principles and are described below:

  • Critical Awareness – to be alert, and question the price and quality of services or goods for purchase.
  • Action – to be assertive and act in order to receive a fair deal, to be passive is risking exploitation.
  • Social Concern – to be aware of consumption impact on other people, including the powerless or disadvantaged.
  • Solidarity – to organize united as consumers, in attempt to strengthen and promote our interests.

What is the Time-Frame for Filing a Product Defect Claim?
As a consumer, you have a limited timeframe in which a claim should be filed with the help of a Denver CO negligence lawyer. This period is referred to the statute of limitations. Every state has their own statute of limitations that are applicable to claims of product defect. If you file your lawsuit after the statute of limitations, it is likely the judge will not allow your case to proceed regardless of the strength of your case. Your Denver CO negligence lawyer can clarify if your claim will fall under one of the two scenarios:

  1. In some states, the time limit clock starts on the date you sustained your injury.
  2. In others, it does not start until you notice the injury. Whether you feel the injury the same day as using the product, or weeks and even months later, it can make a difference in your case verdict.

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